Our Solutions

Peanut butter from all corners of the infinite ergodic universe

Selecting the right universes to find the perfect peanut is no easy task. We pride ourselves in an impressive feat of logistic engineering called Cross-dimensional Peanut Retrieval. This means we inject peanut butter directly into a Calabi–Yau manifold, which causes it to swell up (Calabi–Yau manifolds are known to have intense physical reactions to peanuts) and create tiny rifts that allow us to travel to its extra dimensions.

We strive to uncover every possible solution that peanut butter can bring

Industrial spacetime fabric sealant

2024 Wormhole Magazine Award winning solution was brought to the market 2 years ago and is taking the world by storm. A year-to-year overall decline in reports of cross-dimensional leakage has been attributed to our product.

Dark Butter filaments (Extra Crunchy)

Aligning Dark Butter into specific corridors with the aid of gravitational waves, we've been able to offer a wireless communication solution that is unparalleled in all known universes. Speeds of 2 x 10¹º gigabutter have been measured.

Fomalhaut Extra Creamy propulsion

Colliding Fomalhaut peanut butter particles with antibutter has opened the door to a vast new area of space travel. The Skippy Interstellar Mission of 2087 has allowed us to travel to the GN-z11 galaxy in under 10 minutes.