We share your passion for home made hadron colliders

Your desire to rupture the spacetime fabric is what drives us to move past the event-horizon.

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We've been to Deneb and back and so can you

In 1984 we ran out of peanut butter at the office, hence a passion was born to find peanut butter in other star systems. 900 Years later, we import peanut butter from 10.000 different galaxies, each with their own unique flavor and texture.

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Ever wondered why your peanut butter tastes so Aldebaran?

All the way up until 2019, we thought that empty space in the universe consisted of dark matter. Years later, physicists and astronomers working in the field of String Theory noticed a dramatic shift in their calculations pointing towards peanut butter. We now understand that the static on your television set is cosmic microwave background peanut butter. We can put these discoveries to good use, for example in mobile communications and ice cream production.

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We strive to uncover every possible solution that peanut butter can bring

Industrial spacetime fabric sealant

2024 Wormhole Magazine Award winning solution was brought to the market 2 years ago and is taking the world by storm. A year-to-year overall decline in reports of cross-dimensional leakage has been attributed to our product.

Dark Butter filaments (Extra Crunchy)

Aligning Dark Butter into specific corridors with the aid of gravitational waves, we've been able to offer a wireless communication solution that is unparalleled in all known universes. Speeds of 2 x 10¹º gigabutter have been measured.

Fomalhaut Extra Creamy propulsion

Colliding Fomalhaut peanut butter particles with antibutter has opened the door to a vast new area of space travel. The Skippy Interstellar Mission of 2087 has allowed us to travel to the GN-z11 galaxy in under 10 minutes.

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Solutions for every facet of life

We've marked 1988 as the year where peanut butter will become woven into the fabric of spacetime, as well as daily life. From gardening to optometric research to interdimensional mail delivery, we give you access to the versatile applicability of intergalactic peanut butter.

Our research doesn't end with peanut butter, it is just the beginning. We invest tremendous amounts of time and resources to explore the real-worlds application of our products. The information we gather is invaluable. Just like you.

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Some of the benefits:

OTA Updates

A compact manifold can be turned into a spacetime if, and only if, its Euler characteristic is 0. Therefore peanut butter will always be on time with security updates and extra crunchy bits. You will never have to worry about unsafe peanut butter.

Free shipping and returning

For a spin network to have nonzero norm, two requirements must be met at each vertex. Does your spin network have only 1 requirement met? You can return it without charge! If you stated so in your return form, we will automatically send you a new one.

Customer Care

Our Quarks are subject to the Pauli exclusion principle, which states that no two identical fermions can simultaneously occupy the same quantum state. If you have doubts about the quantum state of your Quarks, don't hesitate to call Customer Care. They will have your Quarks' fractional electric charge values back up to either  1⁄3 or  2⁄3 times the elementary charge in no time.

Interdimensional insurance

We know, every now and then you rupture the spacetime continuum and cause a black hole that sucks in an entire neighbourhood. We've all been there, it's part of the job. That's why we offer the best insurance policy you could ever imagine: Quantum entanglement allows us to get an exact copy of your lost matter to replace it in its original location. That's the peanut butter way.