Our Clients

Establishing durable trade relations

Our network of associates and business partners is as diverse as it is strong, from the sandy dunes of Gliese 581 c, to flurbled knarfs of [¤²å], everywhere we go we establish sustainable and durable connections with the best butterers of peanuts. And we'll always continue to discover new and exciting products for you, as long as there are infinitely new universes.

A selection of dedicated partners:


Aldebaran triangle

Fltrbznb fell in love with our human form the moment we arrived in 2713. She himself is a unique form of energy, which helps it process peanuts in a very unique way. Whenever she visits earth, it endulges in optic fibre cables with chipotle sauce.

Trade Moon of Gliese

Gliese 581 system

The artificial Trade Moon of Gliese, built by NASA in 1761 accounts for nearly 140% of our peanut butter trade. Trade relations were established with the arrival of the first Starbucks in 1762, which was then still known as Earthbucks.

Thunderfire Moonspirit

Fomalhaut A

Thunderfire Moonspirit actually came to us with a desire to trade peanut butter, quite inexplicably after an old transmission of My Little Pony arrived at his planet Dagon. This is why he now prefers to present himself to us in this form.